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Default Diet

Ok this is how my diet looks. I followed the article found in BN for contest diets
so what I did was take my lean body weight and rounded to the nearest 5 so about 185. after playing with some numbers my cal intake is 2315 with 240 grams pro, 205 grams of carbs, and 60 grams of fat. I do P+C and P+F type separation foods with my before bed meal being just Pro. now throughout the day it looks something like this, pro/carb/fat.
  • morning: 31/41/6
  • mid-morning: 31/31/6
  • 2mid-day:31/20/11(each)
  • pre-workout:31/41/6
  • post-workout:31/61/6
  • dinner:31/20/11
  • bed:31/0/3

the workout meal is the only meal that I use mostly fast burning carbs, 75% aka dextrose. everything else is mostly complex and fibery. I'll "carb-up" every 10-14 days because I'm pretty sensitive about sugar and don't want to put on extra fat. so for that I just switch the Pro and Carb numbers on that day pro 200 /carbs 250ish. if you want me to elaborate more on anything just say so and it will be done.
Now off to workout time
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