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Default 6/8/05

now my numbers for most upper body will be lower for two reasons.
One, I'm coming back from a wrist injury so I'm still a little shakey about how much I put on.
Two, I'm cutting and my energy will be down some. I've already experienced some weakness from recent lifts.

DB Incline Press: warm-up: 8/45 6/55
working: 8/100 6/105 6/105 (not too bad but still not 100%)
DB Press: 8/100 6/100 6/100 (ok now this is where I start to feel weak )
PecDeck: 8/135 8/135 (took a longer rest in-between sets, 2.5 mins)

now I can do these because of my wrist so I did more of a static exercise.
plate grabs(this is where I grab 3 ten lbs plates and hold them for about 15-30sec and try not to have the middle one slip out)
15sec/3,ten lbs plates/3 sets. (this was hard as hell but I had to do something)

over all analysis
It was ok for coming back after 2-3 weeks out.. I'm still sore from legs so I couldn't do any cardio.
sups are not showing any signs yet still have to see :( .
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