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Default 6/10/05

damn am I sore. getting back into the swing, hurts so good :cool:
ok Back.

Deads warm-up, 8/135 8/135
working set, 10/225 8/240 6/255 (now remember I'm working on getting my wrist back into shape so I'm doing higher reps, lower weight w/o wrist straps to get my grip strength back. I could do it another way but that's for a different web site )
BB Row(overgrip aiming for my stomach to hit the mid to lower back) 8/165 6/185 (felt good on this)
V-Bar Pulldowns 8140 6/150 6/160 (felt real good, no pain)
Seated Cable Row 6/140 (ok there's the pain, my wrist is angled funny using the V-Bar might think about changing to a strait bar or one that has a rotating grip)

BB Shrugs(w/o straps) 8/225 5/250 (F' this the next two sets are with straps)
8/380 8/405 (I just had to, my grip strength was gone after everything)
DB Shrugs(w/o straps) 8/110 (this was painful)

well they are starting to work. I now have more acne.. yippy f'ing dooda
but my girl likes the added drive I have so I can add that to my cardio :cool: .

Over All Analysis
not too bad but the diet is working and the sups are starting to work I just hope there is more to this then just acne. taking the next day off and starting up on the 11th but I will do some cardio and abs.

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