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Monday's Workout

PM training:
Muay Thai sparring 45 min.
Muay Thai 1hr
BJJ 1hr

Man I'm dead. I haven't sparred in almost 2.5 years and it showed last night. I knew I wasn't going to do anything great. I was just trying to reassert myself into the mix and survive while trying to build game plans. Well I survived, but my game plans need some work. To put it nicely I got the crap kicked out of me. My thighs are a little black and blue with a hint of red from all the leg kicks I took. It just goes to show you that timing as a lot to do with the sport and I was just one step slower than everybody and I paid for it. My face is ok surprisingly, considering all the punches to the face and stars I saw last night. My one MMA coach was watching and he was trying to help me out, so that helped a little bit but you can listen all you want, it's applying it at real time speed that is the hard part. Funny thing is at the end I was starting to revert back to more of a karate style sparring stance and all I kept thinking was, I'm going to keep kicking this guy in the stomach until he stops me and it actually worked. Then I got it pretty good in the leg again and that ended that fun. :(

At the end of the night I was dead beyond all means. I was going to train tonight but I'm having problems moving my legs, from all the shots I took. I have to pace myself a little and build up.

On another note, I asked my BJJ coach about doing an MMA fight and he said he would see what type of camp he could get for me and we set a time frame for this summer. So I will keep you guys posted and let you know what happens.
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