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Talking Hey

Originally Posted by WhiteNProud
wow. im sorry guys if i offended anyone with my name.

I guess i should be ashamed of my european heritage?

1. No, I was not infering that you should be ashamed of your Irish/German heritage. I mentioned it because usually if someone is proud of their heritage, they would say "Irish and Proud" or "German and Proud" hell, even "1/2Mick&1/2Kraut And Proud", but when you say "White and proud", that's not a "heritage" as you stated. Usually when someone says they are "white and proud", it's not a good sign of things to come, and it rarely has anything to do with the "heritage" or "ethnicity" of the person using it. My wife is 100% Irish, and if she told me she was "proud of being Irish" I'd a) think she was a loon. b) think she was a patriot. If she told me she was "white and proud", I'd take her on Jerry Springer and smack her out. :eek:

2. If you aren't a skin head, then I have no problem with you and look forward to posting with you on here.

3. I can't believe I posted almost exactly the same crap on two of your threads about my stupid Atkins tablets. I didn't even remember posting the first one. Must have been after a long night out with my buddies or something. Sorry to everyone for double posting. Wasn't on purpose.
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