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Default 6/13/05

cardio, Bi's, abs

this is going to be the true test.. how will my wrist handle curls... well, it still sucks .. but it's alot better than before ...

25mins in the morning, HIIT on the treadmill. (Lamb of God's Black Label owns in these sprints)

DB Curls warm-up, 10/15 8/20 6/25 3/30
working set, 8/35 8/40 (wow again , no pain.. but twisting at the top of the movement does create some discomfort.)
DB Hammer Curls 8/40 6/50 (no pain.. )
EZ Bar Curls 8/75 (had to stop. this was a little much and my wrist was straining)

Same as last time I did abs

nothing to report

Over All Analysis
well after a week I've lost about 2 lbs... of what I'm not going to know until I'm done the cycle.
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