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Default 06/15/05


around the 15th is where I was feeling sick but I tried to stick it out

Squat warm-up, 8/135 6/185 4/225
working set, 8/315 6/335 6/335 (wasn't feeling it today.. also got light headed...)
Leg Press 8/640 6/680 (I'm going to place my feet lower on the plate so I don't work my hams so much)
DB Stiff Leg Deads 8/215 6/225 6/225

Standing Calves Raises 8/355 8/375 8/375
Seated Calves Raises 8/215 8/215 8/215 (had to go a little lighter because of the added weight from the Standing)


Nothing to report

Over All Analysis
my cold is starting to piss me off.

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