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Default 06/16/05

took off of work today to rest up some and I needed it. I felt much better today, but I didn't eat that much and mostly stayed in bed till 5:00

DB Incline Press warm-up 8/45 6/55 4/65, working 8/100 6/105 6/105
DB Press 8/95 6/100 6/100 (still feeling weak so I'm going to stay at this range and work on flexing hard)
PecDeck 8/135 8/135

Plate Grabs (this is where I grab 3 ten lbs plates and hold them for about 15-30sec and try not to have the middle one slip out)
15sec/3,ten lbs plates/3 sets. (my grip is improving.. I'm going to start a 20 second hold next time )

light 30min jog. (worked legs the other day, didn't want to tax them too much)

Still taking them

Over All Analysis
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