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I don't think having a proper stance is "yada yada". A proper stance is everything... you can have all the power in the world but still get the shit end of the stick in a tussle without proper training. Ask any real wrestler, football player, or marital artist... hell even a golfer will stress this: Power comes from form.

Brian avoid micro managing. IE try lifts that use the majority of your muscles in one fluid motion/rep. Squats are ideal and so are deadlifts for legs. Power cleans and Bench are cool too. I'm sure you do them already but try to focus on them as an indication of your power, everything else you do should revolve around the core lifts.

Personally I like lots of heavy weight and few reps. Then I build up in reps over the weeks. Till I "master" the weight then I start over with more challenging weight. And I rest alot. The guys that kill themselves everyday in the gym I've noticed burn out faster. Wait a month and you should feel stronger.

I hope this helps, all the advice I can give you is what has helped me so best of luck.
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