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a buddy of mine has been taking steroids and is trying something someone told him about. he told him to take anodrol oral 1 tab/day, and D-bol 2 tab/day? and for the anodrol is $129.95 for 30 tabs and the D-bol is $79.95 for 60 capsules, is he getting a reasonable deal?
the anadrol is usually 50mg per pill, and yes your mate pays WAY too much.
and why on earth recomend methandronestenolone and oxymetholone, granted the dosages are low, but im sure your mates mate could have recomended something alittle better than that, lol.
why is the dbol capsules? and why is there only 60??, lol this is all very strange.

your mate needs a new source, and possible even a new hobby, lol
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