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Default Help me please!!!

Hey guys,
I am 22 -6'1 -145lbs...I know, don't bash me too hard. I have some medical issues that have caused my legs to become extremely weak and to atrophy, which is the main reason I am so lightweight. I talked to several doctors about anabolics for strength gain in my legs, they have been getting weaker over time and as a result I now use a cane. I finally found a doc willing to help, he asked what exactly I am looking for so I told him I would research it and get back to him. I was looking at the following - Anadrol 50, HGH, and Androgel(or any other type of testosterone, suggestions welcomed). Does that seem like a logical stack? I need 2 things- 1. Extreme strength boost, so that I can work my legs and get them where they need to be. 2. Size, given all the atrophy I need something to get my legs to a somewhat normal size. I figure with strength and working out I will increase in size, but I need something that will work, and work fast.
Thanks for any help!
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