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Originally Posted by Ross86 View Post
You tell him not to take steroids...then you recommend a steroid. Look into what you're recommending. Before you make a recommendation... He would be better off injecting test e than taking the shit that you mentioned.
Actually, I told him not to take steroids, then I mentioned that he will do whatever he wants anyway so if he is going to do it, use something that won't get him thrown in jail. There is nothing wrong with what I mentioned, its a little rough on the liver, but its legal. Take some milk thistle with it and you are all good. I was 20 not too long ago, at 20 once you make up your mind about something, pretty much nothing will stop you. I just think legal alternatives are better than illegal. I know whats in what I mentioned, analogs of Trenbolone, Epistate, and Superdrol. Pretty good stack with no need for PST. The only problem is the 2 are methylated so a little rough on the liver, but clears up in less than 2 months. Will give great strength boost, build 15+lbs on lean muscle mass, and cut ya up.
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