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Default Inuries....and training

So i have 8 herniated discs, 2 bulging discs, and annular tear and an impinged nerve in my back.....way to slow down any progress ive made right?

So ive been training .....or was training really hard and made some good gains. I was getting body fat testing done throughout the process and in 16 weeks i lost ten lbs of body fat and gained 11 lbs of muscle. And then my back injury started messing with me and i havent been able to workout in a month because i got 6 cortisone epidural injections in my lumbar spine.

So basically i cut my calories in half as soon as i was knew i had to cut out the lifting and cardio. So in about 4 weeks time i have gone down on the scale about 9-10 lbs.

I am assuming that this is mostly muscle that i am losing? So i am wondering if anybody has some good ideas of what i can do to keep up my progress somewhat so i dont lose everything i have worked hard for?

I know i know i should be resting.... all i have tried so far is some light swimming in the pool while stabilizing my core. Also i have tried just lying on my back on the floor and working upper body with very very light weights.

Anybody else struggling with back issues? Ive posted a couple of times on here and never get any responses but im hoping that maybe you guys can help me out this time because im getting very discouraged at this point.

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