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cool thanks for the feed back, couple of questions for you, so your saying to do a first set of 1-3 or 1-5 reps at like 90-95% then go on to my main workout, so would I bump up the weight on that first set when I move up on my regular routine? for example I'm doing 3x9 of 135lbs on free weight incline press, and its hard for me to get those last few reps so should I add like 10 extra pounds on the first strength set? and then If I'm gonna do pull ups should I just eliminate rows all together since I'm using pretty much the same muscles?
Also on my legs days I've been doing squats but I'm pretty much just getting my form down so I do a maintenance set of leg presses 2x7 of 615lbs then do my 3x?'s of squats, today was my second day of dead lifts needless to say that I'm not doing alot of weight but just trying to develop some good fundamentals, I had the trainer at the gym tell me what I'm doing wrong. thanks again for the response good stuff.
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