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Originally Posted by 0311
Well the beauty of GNC is that if you don't like the product you can return it for a full refund. Me and my friends get alot of free stuff doing that. Every once in a while I buy something I've been meaning to try, use half to two thirds of it and still return it for a refund. Nothing ventured nothing gained. If I like the product, I take my refund and buy it somewhere else for half the price.

Regular creatine usually has a hard time to dissolve. Your only bet is to slam it down immediately after stirring. Either that or do what I do and spoon it into your mouth, then wash it down with some grape juice.

I'm also not clear on whether or not the GNC Mono is from Creapure or not. Check it out. If it doesn't have a creapure logo on the side like other better brands such as On or Prolab, then the integrity and quality is suspect.

lmfao excellent idea
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