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May 12th 2010

frame deadlift upto 320kg x 1, two fails at 360kg , 240kg x 8
bent over dumbbell laterals 10kg 4 x 8-12
front squat 60,100kg x 8-10
karlsen squat upto 280kg (wraps on this) x 1, 140kg x 10
seated squat machine upto 200kg x 8-10
lying leg curl upto 9 plates x 15 or so
decline crunches 10kg behind neck x 12
ab machine stack x 20
dumbbell side bends 50kg x 8-10 each side

Supposed to do cardio at the end of each workout but didnt get time due to work today - the frame deadlift (training for van deadlift) felt terrible, partly due to wrong footwear an slight pull of old upper back injury, but i 'think' everything else felt pretty strong >my waist was 33 7/8" yesterday morning, so down a little even though i feel like ive gained fat, and weight was 234lb. Veins are sticking out more than usual, got one on left shoulder that wasn't there before an vein in my right arm is popping out even when im not training biceps.

Because of weight gain being only 1lb as of yesterday i will keep 20g creatine loading going till friday, am keeping var at 50mg for 14 days (8 more) then plan to up it to 60.
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