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Hopefully i get strong enough to qualify for the finals, but dont know if thats possible it's my first open competition an last years winner was mark felix so pretty high standard i would expect.

today i ate:

1 - oatmeal in 0.1% milk, 1 heaped teaspoon peanut butter, 3 scoops whey protein, 1 banana, 5g creatine (75g)
2 - chicken, onions, broccoli, half wheatabix in 0.1% milk (50g)
3 - chicken, onions, broccoli (40g)
4 - 2 scoops whey protein, half wheatabix in 0.1% milk (50g)
5 - 3 beef burgers, green beans (90g)
6 - chicken, green beans (60g)
7 - 2 beef burgers, 3 whole eggs cooked with 0.1% milk (85g)
8 - oatmeal in 0.1% milk, 1 heaped tea spoon peanut butter, 3 scoops whey protein (75g)

protein = 525g >im trying to get in more protein

Usually eat spinach 2-3 meals of each day but ran out today. The beef burgers are leaned out as much as possible when cooking but dont have them all the time, eat more chicken than anything but also extra lean mince beef, turkey and tuna, carbs mainly oats, sweet potatoe or rice. Didnt have any creatine yesterday an just 5g today, trying to let my skin heal. Will have 10g tomorrow.

pic from last night, waist 33 3/8in this morning
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