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ross - it's in northwich in england uk, uk strongman north, they have 3 qualifiers across the country, mine is on july 3rd, then the finals are 30th of august

events are..

- Hand over hand 7.5 ton wagon fastest time wins 20 meter course
- Crucifix hold 20kg longest time wins
- Van dead lift on frame as many lifts in 90secs
- Axel press 120kg as many presses as possible in 90 secs
- Tyre flip 380 kg 4 flips then load 3 sand bags 100kg 110kg 115kg fastest time wins
- Farmers walk 130kg 2inch handles carried 20m then pick up blue barrel 100kg carry 15m fastest time wins

Yeh im sure a lot are gonna outweigh me by 100lbs+ but have done the novice comp for a couple years (even in that top guys are all 300lb+) so it's time to give the open a go.

dr x - i dont agree, but does not matter either way as it would not work well for my goals as previously stated
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