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From other people ive trained with, logs ive read etc dont think it would be effective enough for possible sides, though obviously cheaper.

May 19th 2010

seated press reverse grip upto 60kg x 8,8,6
bench press reverse grip upto 100kg x 6,5,4 60kg x 20
incline bench press reverse grip 50kg 2 x 8
z lockouts (from forehead) 60kg 2 x 6
close grip floor press upto 100kg x 3
dumbbell laterals 12kg 3 x 12
cable lateral drop set each arm
12kg dumbbell flys x 15 superset with reverse grip pushdowns x 15 for 2 sets
lying cable flys superset with pushdowns x drop set
25kg blockweight pinch grip'd for time for 3 sets

Pretty happy with this sesh, considering i got 4 reps with 60kg on seated press last time, 100kg wasn't too heavy on bench an also the floor press (done probably with pause at bottom etc) was pretty easy even though my tri's were pretty fd by then

Going to another gym in a bit
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