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decline crunches bodyweight, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg x 12
ab machine stack x 15,12,10
dumbbell side bends 30kg,45kg, 55kg x 10 each side

hammer strength row 2 plates a side x 20 both arms, 4 plates x 12 each arm, 5 plates x 6 each arm
t-bar row machine upto 50kg x 8 drop 40kg x 6
one arm dumbbell row upto 75kg x 6 each arm
upper back machine upto stack x 10
hammer strength pulldown 3 plates a side x 12
dumbbell shrugs 30kg x 15, 55kg x 15, 65kg x 12

alternate hammer curls upto 25kg x 7 each arm
alternate dumbbell curls upto 20kg x 7 each arm
straight bar curl machine 2 x 10
reverse curl thumb over grip x 20 superset with seated wrist curls x 20 for 2 sets

seated calf raises 1,2 plates x 12
standing calf raises 2 x 12

10 minutes treadmil at 10.0

again i think everything felt fairly strong here, cant recall of hammer curling 25k bells strict like that before - the 10 minutes running was easy too
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