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May 24th 2010

Waist was 33 1/2in this morning.

Been in birmingham for the body power expo, met a bunch of guys ive only seen on tv or in dvd's an magazines - jay stood up signing autographs for 2 whole days straight. Terry hollands is somehow even bigger than you would think, an zack kahn has the biggest arms ive ever seen. Didnt get to train at dorian yates temple gym as plan'd since dorian was at the expo an gym was shut (didnt think of that!).

Didnt do much myself at the expo, did a feat with a dumbbell, was 58kg, 2.5in handle, oversized globes etc had to get it over your head using one hand, then if you could bend down an pick a tenner up off the floor while keeping the bell at arms length you could keep it. I dont know if any others did it after me but until i did it only jimmy marku (uks strongest man) had managed it. Other than that i just bent a nail an got a bit of air under the mellenium dumbbell with either hand (might be the youngest to do this but not a big deal as i wasn't close to fully deadlifting it).

6in deficient deadlift
- 60kg x 8
>add doubled bands<
- 60kg, 90kg, 110kg x 3
- 125kg, 140kg x 1

stiff leg deadlift
- 140kg x 6
- 180kg x 10

bottom up back squat upto 160kg x 1

power jerk upto 95kg x 2
seated reverse grip press upto 60kg x 6
bench press reverse grip upto 110kg x 2
close grip floor press upto 110kg x 2

Power jerk wasnt heavy was just too hard to rack an unrack with the setup, but my right tricep is fucked even though pressing the dumbbell was really easy, must have been the crowd etc deads were done with slight touch an go, last dead stop. Dosage is upto 60mg now.

Training again later.
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