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May 26th 2010

dumbbell laterals upto 40lbs x 8 plus two drops
seated press reverse grip upto 50kg 3 x 10
bench press reverse grip upto 110kg x 1 then 80kg x 15 or so reg grip medium/close/wide
floor press medium grip 80kg, 90kg x 10
seated z lockouts 60kg, 70kg x 12 (bit higher than last time)
dumbbell flys upto 45lbs x 12 plus one drop
ez curls 3 x reps (12.5kg each side)
alternate hammer curls upto 60lbs x 5/5
seated preacher curls x 12
dips x 30,20
tricep pushdowns regular grip x 10 then reverse grip x 8 for 2 sets

was hitting pins on reverse grip bench but think it's starting to hurt my right shoulder, this may just be because of the wide grip as it feels exactly the same as when i do wide grip bench for a while - will change back to regular grip
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