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May 28th 2010

bodyweight last night after carbing up was 236lbs, waist this morning was 34 1/4in

After seeing how big all the guys were at the expo it made me realise just how much smaller i am so gives me more motivation to keep eating (im hating eating right now) - todays is..

- oats in skimmed milk
- 1lb beef, spinach, onions
- chicken, brown rice, onions, green beans
- protein shake, fruit and nut cereal bar
- 1lb beef, white rice, spinach, onions
- chicken, onions, broccoli, green beans
- chicken, onions, broccoli, green beans

basically 1kg of chicken, 1lb of beef plus protein shake (would have another in morning usually but ran out) for the protein - 550+g total

Also my sex drive is way down, which i knew would most likely happen, i just wanted to know for sure as some people have not noticed a difference - ive been taking tribuls and avena sativa for the past 2 days, cant seem to find info on when these are supposed to take effect? have not really noticed any difference as yet

Training later
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