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Default Workout Routine help/What works best for you?

Ight guys so this is my first thread so hopefully its a decent one. First off i've weightlifted before and have gotten pretty good results from it (besides some nasty stretch marks under my arms) but I noticed before the summer started that I seemed to plateau and didn't see any more gains or increases in strength. I haven't gone to the gym for about a month so my muscles are fresh and ready to hit the weights again so i'm lookin for some advise.

First, I was planning on lifting 6 times a week. Mondays and thursdays Abs/chest/and back. Tuesdays and Fridays biceps/triceps/and light ab work. and then wednesdays and saturdays would be shoulders and legs. Sprinkle in some cardio and some random exercises for lats and forearms and i think its a decent plan. I'd mix up the exercises every two weeks or try different things but hopefully its a decent foundation. What do you think? From personal experience would you say try it out or not so much?

2nd, when would be the best time to switch up a workout. Can switch up the exercises every 2 weeks or so or maybe i can just throw in a week or two of circuit training to mix things up a bit. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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