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gear isn't your answer.look at your training're stuck for 6 months?!that tells me you have no clue what you're doing in and outta the gym.just start googling different sites to get an idea on what routines will fit you and work for you.there's literally a myriad of has over 1,000 plans from diet to seems by your writing you're far too youmg to consider gear.and 2nd,sdi is fake as shit.if you've seen it in a muscle rag it ain't worth old are you anyway?you seem to dodge that one a few times.what 17-20yrs old?maybe...?don't be fooled by my low post count here.i'm a vet/vip at just about every major top dog board around and can say i pretty much know my shit.out of the 3 high school kids i've trained in the last year only one stayed with he's captain of his football and wrestleing teams and has lost 3% b/f and gained almost 20 pounds just by changing his training.
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