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id say that6 times a week is much too often !!
3-4x would be great.
i dont know much about you, wheter your a beginner or more advanced. so id just give you a poven plan:

mo:-squats: 3-4x4-10
-benchpress: 3-4x4-10
-barbbell or dumbbell row: 3-4x4-10
-abs: 2-3x

we: -deadlifts: 3-4x4-10
-military press: 3-4x4-10
-chins: 3-4x4-10
-abs: 2-3x
increase the weight in every set, but perform only the last set to failure!!! perform always 2-3 warm up sets before.
try to put on a little weight on the exercises as soon as possible. so if you can do a 220lbs bench press 12x in the last set, increase the weight for 5lbs the next time.
train one day, rest the next. so: mo: train, tu: off, we: train etc.
its a solid routine that will gain you some pounds for sure !! give it a try. dont forget to eat a lot of healty foods and make sure you eat hig protein. at least 1g per lbs of bodyweight !! and get enough good fats !
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