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Default It is necessary to give advice

All Greetings!
I am new here, so strongly do not judge, besides I from Ukraine and write through the translator

Help me in a cycle please, I want to try sustanon 500 for a week + Deca 200 + anabol 30 for 6 weeks
After a week after last injection I begin Test P 100 each 2 days + stanazolol (oral) 50 for day, - last 2 weeks Gonadotropinum 1000 units of each 2 days, after a cycle clomid 50 day for 20 days. Just in case Bromocriptinum and Tamoxifenum.
It is the first time I try Deca. Advise that else can add or change?

About a food all is adjusted more or less

It is the third my cycle, weight of 70 kg (after rigid drying has lost all that has turned out earlier), 24 years, 174 centimetres Growth

The purpose - dry weight, I do not want fat
In advance thanks, excuse - a forum I read very slowly And only begin )
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