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Originally Posted by OnceMore View Post
I would like to get some opinions on my current training programme. My goal is to build up my strength and I would like to know if what I have at the moment is heading in the right direction. Also if there is anything I should alter then please let me know.
Currently I am doing

Chest Press 40kg 3x10
Pulldown 45kg 3x10
Row/rear deltoid 35kg 3x10
Shoulder Press 20kg 3x10
Pushdown 50kg 3x10
Bicep curl 50kg 3x10

I've been sticking to this for about 6 weeks now, doing it 3 times a week (monday, wednesday and friday) and have noticed quite a lot of difference. I have doubled what I'm lifting in most of these. Is what I have here any good? Is there anything I could improve or change to maximise the effects?
If you're looking for raw strength, there are programs out there designed for that. Look into Rippetoe's Starting Strength. If you're computer savy, you may be able to find it free.
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