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Originally Posted by Over7 View Post
Ok let me start by saying that I'm fairly new to this so be patient with me =)

Basically with this plan I am hoping to cut down a bit of fat while also building up some muscle... nothing too serious really, just want to get in shape.

This is what I have so far. There's not really much to it so I would appreciate any advice on what I should add/change.

Monday - Cardio
Tuesday - Upper body
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Cardio

This is a basic outline of what I'm thinking. Now what I really would appreciate are some pointers, either related to this or just general ones. And remember... go easy on me!
IMO everyone makes this too tough. There are tons of programs already in circulation on the net to suite anyone's needs. PM me an email and I'll send you a word document with compiled programs along with links so you can read them and decide which program fits your needs.
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