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ME Bench Day

Hit 3 boards today and finally locked out 112.5kg on the bar, got alot of work in today around 14 reps over 100kg on the bar.Moved to chins next for 5s and finished with tris and bis.Great day, my setup felt on tonight, had my feet back but heels dug in to the ground and felt tighter than ever.Might be onto something with this setup.

ME Bench Day 8/9/10

3 Board
1x3 100kg
1x3 102.5kg
1x2 105kg
1x2 107kg
1x1 112.5kg (PR)
2x2 102.5kg
1x1 105kg Missed 2nd

4x5 +15kg

SK to Nose
1x8 25kg
1x13+8+5 25kg

2x10 25kg

DE Squat Day

Squatted vs a blue band again today, used 115kg on the bar or 273lbs in old money. Sets were good, not super fast but strong.I went for 2 singles after at 120kg then 130kg on the bar, both moved well, woulda went up more but was kinda gassed.Moved to SSB GMs next for a few sets,these are not getting any easier then did a few sets of RHs and leg curls.Solid day.

DE Squat Day 10/9/10

Box Squat + Blue Band
1x2 100kg
7x2 115kg
1x1 120kg
1x1 130kg

3x8,7,6 60kg


Leg Curls

DE Bench day

Hit the bench with paused reps today, did quite a few sets too, trying a higher volume approach to get things moving. I used between 70kg-80kg on the bar for sets of 5, all paused for a second or 2.Moved to Incline DBs next for 1 RP set, then did a bunch of light SUPER strict Rows and Tri pressdowns. Really good day, pausing is………… Different.

DE Bench Day 11/9/10

Bench Paused
1x5 70kg
4x5 75kg
2x5 80kg
1x5 82.5kg

Inc DB
1x15+8+6 RP 20kg

4x10 40kg

Tri PushDowns
1x15 Orange Band
1x15+7+6 RP Orange Band

ME Squat Day

Pulled sumo today in the suit and was not leaving until I pulled a PR for Wesley. Well I did, I pulled 484lbs straps up, there you go Wes thanks for EVERYTHING. I did 2 sets of Zercher box squats and finished up, got a headache that pretty much lasted the rest of the week.

ME Squat Day 13/9/10

Sumo Deadlift In Suit
Straps Down
1x2 160kg
1x1 180kg
Straps Up
1x1 192.5kg
1x1 200kg
1x1 211kg (PR 484lbs for EX)
2x1 200kg (tasted blood on both these lifts)

Wide Stance Box Zerchers
1x8 70kg
1x10 80kg
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