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Hey everyone, I am new to and just wanted to get some input. I'm 21 years old and have been weight lifting for about a year. About the last 3 months I have gotten very serious with it. I currently stand at 6'1 and a tiny 153 pounds with about a 11% body fat. the past few months I go to the gym twice a day and lift very heavy. I eat about 2500 to 3500 calories a day and on a VERY clean diet. Chicken, Fish, Veggies, Potatoes etc and also drinking over a gallon of water daily. I'm currently talking in about 100g of protein powder a day as well as BCAA's right after my workout. I recently started a cycle of Sustanon 250 and Decca 250. Every 6 days I pin 500mg of Sust and 250 of Decca. I'm about three weeks into my cycle and I have seen zero weight gain and actually lost two pounds. My strength has GREATLY increased and I am getting more cut and building some what noticeable muscle but its minor. Im trying to get my weight up to 170 maybe 180. Does anyone have any input as to why I am not seeing weight gain or why its so slow? I know the simple answer would be to eat more... But id appreciate something more detailed than that. Any input would be appreciated.
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