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Originally Posted by Boxing Raven View Post
I went with ProLab and "other" for 4EverFit. I don't know if 4EverFit sells in the US or if it's just a Canadian company.

ProLab has had some good prices around where I live lately, and I can't really complain about the quality of any of their products I've tried. I'd say they are "pretty good".

4EverFit on the other hand, is my personal favorite. I find their products to be superior, and their prices to be about average. In my opinion, their products have been better than any other I have used to this date.

There is also a sort of "no-name", name company in Canada called Interactive Nutrition which I like quite a bit. I've been buying their micronized creatine and l-glutamine lately and their prices are damn cheap. The products are also very good so far.

I am not a big fan of Muscle Tech or SANs. SANs is currently being over hyped every where I go up North here, and it's driving me nuts. I keep getting free "magazines" every time I pick up anything at any supplement or health store, and all it turns out to be is a huge advertisement for SANs disguised as a bodybuilding magazine. Their products are ridiculously priced, and a lot of their containers are like 2 week supplies, even though they are huge tubs! I've heard their products are good quality though, so I guess if you are rich and have tons of money to throw around, it's good.

I'm not familiar with the some of the product names on the list though.

Old but good post! 4EverFit is damn good! Heluuva buy! & I don't rep for them either.
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