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aright check it out

lets start out with your diet just because your only eating around 2000 calories dosnt mean its the right kind of food for wieght loss. i cut out the carbs out almost all 2geather exept a little in thein the morning and post wo meal other wise loose em. focus on lean meats and greens. second off hiit probably wont do u much good just possibly overtrain ya. in my experince you have to be in at least decent shape to train with it. id go with just some kinda steady cardio and keep your heart rate around 130-150 it makes for the most efficient fat loss. you also said you were doing cardio at night id switch it up to the morning and after you lift becasue then the body is runningg on empty and is forced to use fat as fuel. and just anothe tip if ur trying to gain muscle lift more than twice a week and hit individual parts harder, each at a time (legs, chest, sholders Etc.) hope ive helped
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