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Originally Posted by Vincentt View Post
Hello guys....!
I recently started lifting regularly, and i am seeing massive gains with everything except for my shoulders. i will work them til they ache, but they are never sore the next morning, and i feel like they never get bigger or stronger. i usually do 3-4 sets of 12-15 front, side, and back lat raises, power clean, and shrugs. any suggestions? Please help me. Thanks in advance......!
For what you're doing, I have never seen size or strength. You are most likely just building the smaller muscles. Shrugs are for traps. Power cleans are for back and legs...

Try military press, or over head press. My suggestion is to not let your elbow break the plane of your shoulders when coming down, and also so that your elbow is a 90 degree angle when at the lowest point. Try that.
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