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Hard gainer? Clearly.
My suggestions are gonna be more based on my style of eating which is paleolithic so I dont consume much processed foods and no dairy whatsoever. Its just much cleaner and more quality gains. But if you really wanna pick up weigh then dont be afraid to eat...whatever it is... if you see food just pick it up and put it in your mouth.

I would suggest different carb sources. For breakfast a full cup of oatmeal/cream of wheat with that banana. Add cinnamon too. Like I said, I wouldnt have the milk.

How big is that chicken breast? I would bump it to 2. You should add in carbs to the shake post workout while making that last meal just straight protein and green vegetables.

There's a few supplements you might consider taking. I had good success with Animal M-Stak: 5,7-methylisoflavones help hard gainers use more nutrients but it makes you wanna punch a baby in aggravation. Vanadyl Sulfate helps route carbohydrate nutrient to the right place and control blood sugar.
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