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Originally Posted by Tmno View Post
always drink ice cold water. Your body will burn calories so that it can bring the temperature of the water up. you can also try banana and pear smoothies or strawberry smoothies
This will help, technically, but it's not much to help at all. I believe if you drink 1.5 times your supposed water intake, it turns out to be 200 grams per month. As in less than half a pound per month. So...if you want to lose 5 pounds per year, then that's great, but

If you want to boost your calorie burning, you want to spike your metabolism.

How? Some easy tips:
drink lots of water. A LOT more.
Eat your meals more spread out, smaller portions. Eat every three hours.
I would suggest a thermo genic or energy booster in the mornings. On average, the most reasonable is five hour energy. The very BEST on the market is Biotest Spike Shooter. I believe 5 h e has 8333% of b12, used for atp, B S S has 25000%.

Yea... 'bout that lol.

That's my 2 cents, it doesn't taste bad either.
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