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Exclamation Advice Please!

Alrighty ladies I have a bit of a predicament I'm hoping to get help with.......

I am 17 and 108 lbs (I'm only 5'2"). I just started a bulking phase about two weeks ago and today I learn this:

My family is going on vacation. To see my grandparents. At a cabin, on a lake, with no running water, no electricity, and no weights to lift. My grandparents (and parents) do not support my desire to lift and bodybuild, and the diet I will be forced to eat is only high-fat italian food and junk (pancakes every morning, lots of candy for 'snacks' etc) It takes two days to get there so that means 2 days of fast food, two weeks of unhealthy eating with no ability to lift and then two more days of fast food.

Should I amp the cardio WAY UP for the two weeks? I can go swimming and hiking pretty much daily.

Or is there another way I can avoid gaining boatloads of fat and losing progress during the unavoidable trip???

thanks in advance!
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