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Default hitmans journey

hello, im new to this forum and this is actually my first post, but i wanted to keep a log because it helps me stay consistent and helps me keep track of everything.

i started my at home strength and conditioning program. i will post the link to the web site once i have enough post so you can check it out.

its a 3 phase program, you start with endurance, then you go to strength, then power, this is nothing like p90x and is way better and tougher!

yesterday was endurance legs and today was endurance upperbody

the endurance phase you do 5 mins of work with 1 min rest for 6 rounds mostly bodyweight exercises with some presses and rows and band work

this program took my bodyfat from 18% to 7.5% in 12 weeks, this time im starting with 14-15% bodyfat but with 7lbs more muscle

preworkout supps

1/2 scp jugg
2scps aakg powder
2000mg l cartinine
10g creatine
8 fish oils

diet structure

sun-low carbs mod fat high protein
mon-low carbs mod fat high protein
tues- 250g carbs low fat mod protein
wed-low carbs mod fat high protein
thurs-low carbs mod fat high protein
friday 250g carbs low fat mod protein
sat-350g carbs low fat mod protein with a cheat meal

also on saturday mornings i will be doing squats deads bench overheadpress bb curls and bb skull crushers all 3-5x5
overall goal is 185lbs 7% bodyfat
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