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Default I need help badly!

Hello everyone I just made an account here because I have become very confused now that I have gotten serious about getting into shape.

Anyways, my calf muscle got lacerated a few months back and I couldnt walk for 2 months. I gained like 30 pounds because I just sat around getting high and playing xbox. I cant go back to muay thai training until the scar tissue heals up, but I started weight training and riding bike as much as I can.

The thing is, I have heard that nutrition is the biggest aspect of it. I am so fucking confused by it all. There's so much info out there, and a lot of it is conflicting. I have done my best to only eat foods that are relatively healthy (lots of smoothies with fruit, simple turkey sandwiches for lunch, chicken breast once in awhile, rice and eggs from time to time)

The main thing I have done is count calories like crazy. I'd say I average about 1K-1.5K calories a day(and I work out for 1.5-2 hours at least), sometimes I will get the full 2000, although I am a pretty big guy even if I was in shape. Does anyone know how I can get info on nutrition that isn't complicated and hard to sift through? I need to make those 1K-1.5K calories as perfect as possible.

If it helps to know my long term goal, I am trying to get back into shape for muay thai and eventually will be training wrestling as well. Thanks for any info!
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