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Deadlift Day

Pulls felt hard today, more awkward then heavy tho but I worked out that my stance was off and not wide enough to pull from my strongest position. I did singles with short rest periods cluster style up to about 190kg, this should be a good starting point to progress on. I finished the workout with GMs and planks, feeling pretty good.

Deadlift Day 4/11/11

Sumo Deadlift

4x1 185kg
4x1 190kg

GM Black and Red Bands

2 Sets


BW x 1 Min
+25x 45secs

ME Squat Day

I used the almighty SSB again today, shoulders and arms seem to have adapted to the workload but being how I bench on Sundays I like to keep em somewhat fresh. They take a pounding on squat days. Anyways straight weight today, no contrast. I worked up to around 130kg for doubles, I then hit a few singles with 135kg. I am getting much better at using this bar at max weights, it still folds me sometimes but nowhere near as bad as it used to, not even close LOL! I then pulled some deadlifts again to get some practice in, these felt much better, stance was out nice and wide, I felt strong. I finished with Reverse hypers for high reps. Damn good session.

ME Squat Day 5/11/11

SSB Squat

1x2 120kg
4x2 130kg
3x1 135kg

Sumo Deadlift

Lots of Singles and Triples Up To

2x1 180kg
2x1 190kg

Banded Rev Hypers

2-3x 15-20

ME Bench Day

Had a solid day today, I benched 120kg for 6 clustered singles, I could not get my leg drive right today tho, BAH I figured it out when I started benching against chains so I am good to go for Wednesday! I hit up 1 arm rows and pulldowns after bench work. Solid day, I have not benched 265 that many times in one week let alone one day before!

ME Bench Day 6/11/11

Paused Bench

1x1 x 6 Sets Clustered 25-30 secs between reps

Chain Bench

4x3 100kg

1 Arm Barbell Rows

2x10 35kg


2 Sets

ME Squat Day

A real stinker today, weird, all warm-ups felt good and I felt strong until I hit 3 wheels, then it felt like I had 4 wheels on the bar! LOL I took 150kg for a semi tough single, that’s when I knew it would not be a PR day so I took 157.5kg to feel the weight, mis grooved it and bam I dumped it. Reloaded to a measly 130kg and did 4 reps. I stopped squatting there. I will go at it with chains on Thursday and see how that goes. I pulled again afterwards (this is likely why today was shit, I have upped my deadlift work) and these went great, good bar speed and I felt strong. The body is funny like that, it didn’t want to squat but was all up for deadlifts! After that I hit abs and called it a day. I was so very tempted to go back in that night and squat but no need to go bananas yet since I added pulling volume I reckon I just need to adapt to that extra workload there. We will see.

ME Squat Day 7/11/11


1x1 140kg
1x1 150kg
1xM 157.5kg (WTF!!!!!!)
1x4 130kg

Sumo vs Doubled Minis

1x2 125kg
2x2 135kg
2x1 140kg

Dragon Flags

3x8 +8.75kg
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