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I hear ya.. I'm the same way. I hear big things about NOS. But since I've been at this for the better part of 20 years I am very skeptical everytime a new product comes out and everyone freaks over it. And although NOS is not really new, I know that when people try new things initially there is a little bit of a placebo effect that goes with something. I want it to work over the long term. I also know that people are also looking for something that will give them that "steroid" like effect. And it's not going to happen unless they do steroids.. My mainstay is eggs, Chicken breasts, Tuna, Salmon, brocolli, yams, steel cut oats and morning star black bean burgers. I do eat a lot of varients on the taco or fajita using low carb or whole wheat soft shells. There's really nothing that cant be made better by making a taco out of it. I don't eat a lot of fruit and my diet doesn't change much from day to day. I look at it this way, everything I put in my body that doesn't come from a healthy source is something that doesn't benefit me in any way. So I stick to what I know. I log everything I eat and have a gram scale right next to my stove. My ex thinks I'm obsessed, and maybe she's right. But I see other people my age and more often than not it makes me sick.

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