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Default my 2012 journal

Hey guys! Im not from US so sorry for any mistakes I make.

My name's Chris and Im 23 years old, started working out some time ago, but tbh I think that only for last 6 months I made some progrees (I had better workout and diet).

Just fnished 5x5 workout routine and on Monday started tri-phase training. Think it's really cool. Haven't hard 'bout it ealier but def it's worth to try.

Now I'm in phase I - it takes 3 weeks to finish it.

I workout 4 times a week, and my routine looks like that (phase I-3weeks):

1. Back + Traps

Deadlift 3-5x6-10 (it means that every week I add 1 more set, same rule in other ex)
Bend over row
BB shrug
DB shrug

2. Chest + shoulders

Bench Press
Inclide bench press
Military Press (I do DB seated press)
DB side leteral

3. Legs

Stiff leg dead lift (dunno if I can make it, hate this so maybe ill change that one)
Leg extension
Leg crul

4. Arms + Calves

BB crul
Close grip bench
Skull crushes
DB crull
Standing claf raise
Seated claff raise (cant do it know, so would have to change)

Did back+traps two days ago took me like 30 min. Im off to gym in like 1hr and will do chest and shoulders today.

My diet is a lot better now, not perfect, but really good, so I'm gonna try to maitain it for 9 weeks. No cheat meals, alcohol, sweets etc.

Would be nice if I could gain like 5-10 during that time. We'll see, maybe later will post some pic so after 9 weeks I could compare that.

OK, whish me luck.
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