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Practice learning the major compound movements (bench press, overhead press, squat, deadlift) while cutting (fat loss) and then once you are where you wanna be steadily increase your calories and bulk up to where you wanna be.

I tried bulking first with the intent to cut later and two things happened:

I was gaining in my lifts, but I was putting on fat as well as muscle so it was not satisfying. This is psychological more than anything.

I eventually over trained/kinda hurt myself and was out of the gym for 4 months because of it.

On the shake: carbs are much more important for a post work out shake. The carb/protein ratio should be about 3:1 and the carbs should be half maltodextrin and half dextrose. For my shake I use 75g of carbs, 25g protein, 5g of creatine and I pop a vitamin C pill.
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