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I agree with everything bluecore said. With that many exercises you will over train at some point if you are lifting with any appreciable weight.

If you want to do 3x a week then I would try

Workout A
Bench Bench Press
+ 1 or 2 accessory lifts

Workout B
Overhead Press ( I would suggest in front of chest for the sake of your shoulders)
+ 1 or 2 accessory lifts

Then on week 1 do A, B, A ... week 2 do B, A, B.

For rep ranges for the large compound lifts I would suggest in the 3-5 but up to 10 or even 12 can be useful.

Rep ranges on the accessory lifts should be in the 8-12 or even 15 range.

Eventually this workout will become too much as well depending on how advanced you are.... At that point I would recommend 4x a week workout focusing on 1 of the big lifts per day with 2 accessory exercises.

That's my take on it.

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