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jaafar, the simple answer to your question is yes.

beginners (something i would even consider myself, even though i happen to know a decent amount about body building, i am not always vigilant) put on lots of muscle doing simple 3 day splits based on these movements. what iron worker posted is a prime example of what a beginner should be doing. again, i can't stress it enough: the important thing is that you are doing these movements correctly, and are progressing slow enough so that your mechanics do not suffer and you don't over train or injure yourself. every 6-7 weeks, deload: do some cardio, or some easy lifting. there are more detailed methods on how you can deload but i wouldn't see them as applicable to a beginning lifter.

that said, assuming proper eating (A LOT, remember you're bulking, who cares about the fat), you should be able to progress on EACH of these lifts at a rate of 5lb (bench press, overhead press) to 10lb (squat, dead lift) every week for a period several months. at that point, you should be starting to see blatant results, and you'll still be able to progress like this most likely, but at a slower rate (like, 5 pounds every 2 weeks or something to that effect). after THAT stops working, more careful manipulation of the process will be needed in order to gain. i wouldn't expect to get to that point (where you actually need to change your routine) for at least a year.

in my experience as a baseball player and an all around decent athlete, the biceps and calfs are the most useless muscles on my body. as for calfs, the biceps are almost a purely cosmetic muscle, and what's more, from what i have read people seem to have a heavily influencial genetic pre-disposition on whether or not they can even make their calfs get bigger. in other words, you can do iso movements for them as much as you want, but for most people they're stuck with the calfs that were given to them. point being, i wouldn't worry about them much, unless your concern is women (women like biceps).
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