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Default Hey Buddies Im New, Help Me Out.

hey buddies im new here and i would like you guys help on this contest im in, please give me a good vote and a view thanks

thanks guys much appreciated Oh and another thing
my training history ive been playing sports since second grade like football and martial arts first time i picked up weights was in 9th grade 15 years ago havnt stopped since then, and actually 90 percent of the time since then ive been training hardcore on a daily basis. So please disregard any comments that trollin pig made on my video page, i didnt go back another inch big deal on my dumbell chest presses cuz my spot wouldnt allow me too he doesent know much hes still in highschool but as you can see by my development that i dont cheat on my sets so please fellahs and ladies a quick view and a good vote will be much appreciated thanks yall
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