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LOl, I kinda figured that IW, glad your still around. I guess I was gone longer than I thought, everyone else moved on huh. Either you way, I am always open for advice, and I'll check in on your thread as well sir.

Today wasn't a bad wo, 20 min incline "hike" started at 4% at 2.5mph, ended at 8% and 4mph, heart rate was 125 or over after the 3min mark (my warm up).

Rowing machine: 4 sets, pyramid style lb increase. I am not too worried about weight for this wo, I am more or less using weights as further cardio, of course with the added resistance benefit. hrt rate stayed about 115 for the most part here.

Lat pull downs: 3 sets, very light weight, high reps, keeping hrt rate up again.

incline bench: 3 sets of 15, ending with 55lbs.

incline fly: 2 sets of 3, 15lbs. This is more of a stretch.

*quick note, I am focusing a lot on my shoulders and back, which may be obvious at this point. After my severe a/c joint separation my collar bone is not seated correctly in my right shoulder. I have done rehab in the past, and gotten it back to nearly full strength. The issue is that it fatigues and loses strength much more quickly now when I don't consistently work it.
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