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Default Beginnerīs Training Routine...

Hi guys,
this is my training program,
take a look...
this is my first 4-8 weeks beginnerīs training program...

Twice a Week Single Set Full Body Workout

Squats (15 reps)
Bench Press (8 reps)
Military Press (12 reps)
Triceps Pushdown (12 reps) / Bench Dips (1 set to failure)
Biceps Curls (12 reps)
Crunches (1 set to failure)

this is my second 4-8 weeks training program...

Squats (8-12 reps)
Lunges (8-12 reps)
Bench Press (8-12 reps)
Lat Pulldown (8-12 reps)
One Arm Dumbbell Row (8-12reps)
Shoulder Press (8-12 reps)
Air Bike (1 set to failure)

...any advice/tips?

Note: thank you for your attention.
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