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Default New guy from Chicago

Hello all... I've been on this site on and off reading post trying to learn and finally decided to join, thanks for having me.
It's been a long journey for me... I'm 53 years old, been working out since I was 18... My best years obviously were in the early years and 3 years ago after my open heart surgery and my Wife leaving me for one of her co workers. My devotion to intense workouts and results became my key to surviving the hurt... But, this is why I joined. The first 2 years after my Heart surgery I shocked friends, co workers and even myself with Dramatic results. Arm Size from 15" to 17" Chest from 47" to 50" (I'm 6"5" 245lbs) Body fat Down to 12 to 14% from 18% etc... Well, for the last year I seem to experiencing more pain when working out and haven't seen any more growth in arm size even while mixing up the workouts and increasing weight being lifted.
Where in this site or what forum can I go to better understand whats going with my Body at 53? Any other guys out there my age pushing their workouts experiencing the same issues as me? Thanks Guys... Dave
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