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Monday January 27th, 2014

BW: 196.8lb ... slight wtf

Incline DB Bench
25lb x 10
35lb x 8
45lb x 3

50lb x 6
60lb x 6
65lb x 6
65lb x 6

Pec Flys
25lb x 10
27.5lb x 10
32.5lb x 8

Seated DB Press
40lb x 10
47.5lb x 10
47.5lb x 8

Face Pulls
50lb x 10
57.5lb 10
57.5lb x 9

DB Skull Crushers
50lb x 10
60lb x 10
60lb x 8


I stayed fairly strict with my meal plan this weekend, had lots of sleep, and even had a greasy burger for a cheat meal and somehow I lost 2lb? Hopefully it's just a blip.

My strength today felt good. I'm getting used to the higher volume work and lower rest times I think. Hopefully I can get my diet straightened out and actually gain a bit of weight. lol

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